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I was contacted by a Daniel at phone number 408-532-5619 and told that I could get generic soma 90 count for $139.00 and a second bottle of the same medication and quantity for $15.00.As of today I cannot reach Daniel and have talked with YOUR reps (Health Solutions Network) who say there is no other shipment comming.

I normally get this same medication and quantity for $107.00. After this I will no longer buy from your website or any other accosiated with it. You have just lost a customer! Please do not allow this "Daniel" or any others from that number to be affiliated with your company.

I am a stay at home mom with severe back & neck pain & spasms and very little money, this has put me in a finacial hole that and means I may not be able to pay for another necessity or medication for next month.I will post my story every where I can and hope that you all lose more customers and $

Jenny Goss

Review about: Soma.


Soro, Sjelland, Denmark #52302

I just found out that this "Company" is based out of Santa Clara

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